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Beginners Guide to Weight Loss

There is no shortage in finding weight loss tips and advice online. Everyone has something to say about health, even if it is not based on scientific research. Whatever the online advice, achieving weight loss can be done in simple steps that we all know intuitively – Eat healthily, Exercise and Reduce your portions. The weight loss journey shouldn’t be about starving yourself or not enjoying the finer things in life. But it should be about the healthier ways you can incorporate food and exercise into your life; as a result, you will automatically lose weight. It is also significant to note how our unhealthy habits can snowball into unwanted outcomes. It is just as easy to take advantage of the automatic habit loop to achieve our goals. Here are some of the tips and tricks to incorporate into your weight loss journey:

Eating Habits

Eating Habits:

What you eat is just as important as how you eat when it comes to your weight loss journey. Most of us are so busy with our lives that we seldom take any time to enjoy or taste our food. We are often distracted, on our phones or probably thinking about the to-do list while eating. This habit makes us unaware of whether we are full or not. While eating, take special care to chew deliberately and slowly. Sticking to a weight loss diet, you don’t enjoy won’t last very long. Be sure to create long-term healthy habits by incorporating the food you like. One unhealthy habit of people on a weight loss journey is to simply starve themselves or skip meals. This can harm our health, so eating at least three times a day is recommended.

Prepare your Meals:

One of the biggest tips to successfully lose weight is to prepare meals at home and minimize take outs. This is, of course, easier said than done. We are often so busy with our lives that we don’t have the energy or patience to meal prep, run to the groceries and cook meals. However, being in charge of your plates and portions will give you more control in your weight loss journey. Take time at the end of each week to write a menu for the next week. These things can save you time and save some of that decision fatigue. Menu planning is a great way to get organized; it ensures you know what you need for your next grocery visit. When you visit your grocery, stick to this list and not buy anything extra; this can help you avoid getting tempted at home. One way to stay ahead is to batch cook and prepare all your meals for the next week. You can even automate this process by using tools such as Notion.



One of the biggest steps towards a successful weight loss journey is prioritizing exercise. Decide on exercising at least three times a week. Exercise can be anything – a walk around the neighbourhood with your dog, Swimming, Pilates, Running, Yoga etc. Remember to incorporate the exercises that you thoroughly enjoy. This will ensure you stick to your exercise regimen instead of flaking on it. There are many fun and easy ways to incorporate exercise into your daily life. You can choose to walk to a destination after parking your car somewhere else or choose to climb the stairs instead of using elevators. It is also important to note that many weight loss supplements and treatments are available on the market, but one should always approach such options with wariness.

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